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About Us

Sea Point Veterinary Clinic was started by Dr. Roy Aronson in 1985 and has thus been serving the community for over thirty years. In 1988 Dr Aronson left for England and sold the practice to the legendary Dr. Neels Steyn who practiced there till 1994. Dr Aronson returned to South Africa after a year sabbatical in England and started the Citivet Group. The Citivet Group purchased the Sea Point Veterinary clinic back from Dr Steyn in 1994 and the clinic became Citivet Sea Point

The following vets have worked and run the clinic since then:

  • Dr. Des Stafford
  • Dr. Reena Cotton
  • Dr. Angus Campbell
  • Dr. Jimmy Simmonds

At the beginning of 2017 the clinic changed management strategy and became the Sea Point Veterinary Hospital.

We have a garden facility where clients can visit their hospitalized pets and sit in a beautiful small garden area and our vision is to offer quality health care for pets at affordable prices.

Our motto is “happy pets, happy owners, happy vets.”