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We are having our Spring Dental Special in the months of September and October. This includes full dental examination pre-anasthetic blood chemistry, scaling and prophylaxis. Our inclusive fee for all of the above is R1500. Now thats something to smile about! Call our reception desk to make your appointment ASAP. Don't forget to check our terms and conditions below.

Terms and Conditions

  1. You are required to make an appointment
  2. We will examine your animals teeth at NO CHARGE* to see if scaling is needed (*In the event of a difficult animal we may need to sedate the patient to be examined and this will be charged at normal rates.)
  3. For old or infirm patients certain extra procedures and rates will apply
  4. If your pets teeth need attention we will book your pet in for the procedure
  5. The procedure is done under general anasthetic
  6. The procedures is done only on Monday to Friday
  7. This special applies to Dogs and Cats
  8. Payment in FULL on discharge

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