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In the last thirty years we have seen the lifespan of animals increase by up to fifty percent. This is mainly due to improved nutrition. We pay careful attention to what your pet eats and try to optimize nutrition for life stage and lifestyle. In certain cases we take breed into account as well. We stock a range of premium imported products as well as the best of the local brands. They look good, cos they eat good.

Internal and external parasite control are the two pillars of primary health care. Keeping your pets free of worms and other internal parasites as well as ticks and fleas and other external parasites will ensure that they are healthy. And healthy pets cost less to maintain so attending to the small stuff ultimately saves your pets from getting sick. Prevention is better than cure

We stock a range of grooming products specially selected for your pets health and well being. From brushes and combs, to mascara and eyeshadow, Let us advise you on how to keep your pets groomed and healthy.

We stock a range of effective supplements for maintenance of health. There are lots of "get fixed quick” products on the market. We try and ensure that if and when you purchase supplements you spend your money wisely and effectively