For after hours services until 9pm call: 082 34987534 - For emergencies please call 0861 48539875

Meet The Team

We have a dedicated team of professionals ready to be of service to you and your pets. Scroll down to meet our vets and staff.

Dr Roy Aronson

Senior Veterinarian

Roy is the business owner and head vet as Sea Point Vet. With over 40 years experience in private practise, and a great case vocabulary, Roy also specialised in spinal surgery, and can do your dogs cruciate even though you want to pay double and take him to a specialist. You dont have to. Bring him to Sea Point Vet

Dr Stef Paul

Specialist Dog Walker

Dr Stef qualified and after finishing her degree she was part of the first batch of community service vets in South Africa. She spent her year in a welfare environment where she gained an astonishing amount of surgical experience. She is capable beyond her years and I am fully confident of her ability to serve you and your pets.

Evelyn Mapu

Receptionist and Front End Manager

Evelyn is almost a legend in Sea Point. She has worked for the practice for over twenty years and is the backbone of the reception staff. She remembers everyone and everyone knows her. Her knowledge of product and your pets ailments is astonishing. If you need something she will know what to do and source it for you. If it is unavailable she will get you an equivalent product.

Naz Richardson


Naz is the afternoon receptionist. She has been with us since 2014 and in that time has become an invaluable part of the Sea Point Vet team. The afternoon team is in care of discharges and the instructions given by Naz on behalf of the vets is clear concise and accurate.

Pieter Gilbert

Transport and Security

Pieter assists with practice security and transport. He is present in the late afternoon and keeps a beady eye out ensuring that the bad guys keep far away. He also does our transport for us should we need this.

Primrose Mwanla

Nursing Assistant

Primrose has been with the practice since 1996 and in that time has learned and assumed responsibility for so much of what we do that it would be hard to function without her. She handles the animals with skill that can’t be taught and has become pivotal as a paraveterinary assistant and is also skilled at dental prophylaxis. She is our right hand person and

Stanford Nquqo

Nursing Assistant

Stanford joined us in 2008 and has also become essential to the smooth running of the practice. When we need a strong right arm to lift heavy patients Stanford is the one to help. He has acquired skills in radiography and nursing.